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Bring balance back into your life by restoring your body's energy system.

The Healing Power of Gems


Our body's energy system, known as the Chakra System, has 7 Major Chakras, or energy centers, which are meant to be open and flowing, allowing energy into the physical body. When these pathways are blocked, restricting the free movement of energy, our bodies are unable to function to their highest potential. These restrictions come from both inside and outside the body. Think of a wheel of light that can absorb energy from our environment, as well as our emotional and spiritual self. 

Because we live in a world that is not perfect, negative energy gets lodged in our energetic field and can lead to pain and or disease in the physical body. By restoring balance to the Chakra System we can directly improve both mental and physical health.

Everything is energy... and that energy has a vibration!

For thousands of years people have recognized the benefits that gemstone vibrations have to offer. Each with their own unique healing qualities, gems are known to resonate strongly with Chakra energy. Vibrational Remedy is a combination of specifically choosen gem essences designed to work directly with the body's Chakra System to help rebalance, relieve & restore. Using Vibrational Remedy during meditation and or yoga, enhances the state of wellbeing and helps in the process of raising your consciousness.

I finally felt like my old self, after having my children 4 years ago. My stress and anxiety slipped away. I really could not believed it at first.
— Sue G.- Vibrational Remedy customer
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Vibrational Remedy

gem essence

Do you have symptoms of depression or anxiety, low energy or lack of motivation? Vibrational Remedy Gem Essence can assist you in feeling at peace with yourself, allowing negative restrictions to fade away. The gem essences selected for this remedy directly connect to each Chakra and have the following enhancing qualities:

Quartz (Crown Chakra) - Spiritual wisdom
Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra) - Self love and awareness
Blue Agate (Throat Chakra) - Creative expression in speech and writing
Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra) - Forgivness and compassion
Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra) - Empowerment
Coral (Sacral Chakra) - Relationships, safety and trust, creativity
Jasper (Root Chakra) - Grounding and security
Black Tourmaline - Power of protection

Directions: 5 drops daily under your tongue or add to water and drink. Repeat as desired. If pregnant or breastfeeding ask a health professional before use.

Ingredients: Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Agate, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Coral, Jasper and Black Tourmaline. Contains alcohol (20% or less). 15ml (1/2 fl.oz) 

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Vibrational Remedy for Pets

gem essence

Are you worried your pet might not be feeling their best? Vibrational Remedy Gem Essence for Pets can help with separation anxiety, restlessness, and grief of losing a companion or home. Also great for previously sheltered pets, and those that might be nervous around other pets for no apparent reason. 

Directions: 5 drops twice daily in pet's food or water.

Ingredients: Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Agate, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Coral, Jasper and Black Tourmaline. Contains alcohol (20% or less). 15ml (1/2 fl.oz) 

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Vibrational Remedy is looking for motivated individuals to help market our products.

Are you good at networking? Do you like earning extra spending money? Attracted to metaphysics? 
This is a sales position.

My intention is to help others connect with the healing powers of gem and flower essences. To educate and bring awareness to the health benefits of these wonderful gifts of nature.
— Patty Ray- energy healer & creator of Vibrational Remedy
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Meet Patty Ray

energy healer

As a hands on, intuitive energy healer, Patty uses her own developed insight and intuition, as well as the inherent potentiality of flower and gem essences, in each healing session. Patty is fully certified as an Advanced Energy Healer and Flower Esssence Practitioner. She has done extensive trainings in Crystals and Pendulum Healing and Lyme Disease Therapy.

Improved physical, mental and spiritual health are among the many benefits to having a hands on healing session with Patty. A session can help you feel connected with yourself in a positive, joyful and happy way. The experience will encourage you to let go of past experiences that no longer serve you today and to have a brighter and more positive, energetic outlook.

HOW I was inspired to develop Vibrational Remedy…

“In my quest to learn more about offering my clients the best energy healing experience, I was guided to take practitioner workshops about Flower Essences, travel to Alabama to learn about ocean plant essences and incorporate healing with gem stones into my practice. I became fascinated with the chakra system and encouraged to meditate about my own purpose in this life.

Through this journey I found myself asking how can I help? As a result of meditating and following my intuition, and with help from psychics, healers and channeled information, I came to develop and am very excited to share this brilliant gem essence, Vibrational Remedy!

Maintaining health is a state of being in balance mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I hope you enjoy Vibrational Remedy as much as I do.”